Massive Spicy ‘Sausage’ Salad, perfect for Lunchtime

OK so I normal post my dinners (and don’t photograph them cause largely, not much on presentation.  I wouldn’t get far on Mast Chef!!!).  But I just ate this and MAN it was really NICE!  So here goes:

4x Quorn Frozen Sausages
Small splash rapeseed oil
15-20g Sainsburys Italian Tomato and Chilli Paste (comes in a tube)
25g Mature cheddar in tiny little slices
Big ol’ handful of spinach
One red pepper, sliced
A little salad cream – or dressing of your choice

The night before (or on the morning), defrost and chop up your sausages, pop them in the frying pan with the oil an cook till crispy and browned.  Remove from the frying pan, allow to cool in a bowl and then add the Tommy paste and stir though.  Put in some of your finest tupperware and store in the fridge.

When its time to eat, wash your leaves and chop your pepper, scatter on a plate.  Add the dressing and top with your spicy sausage bites and finally, bung on the cheese.  Add a little pepper (black, freshly ground) if you wish and enjoy!

This is one good sized serving and will keep you going all afternoon!
Calories 548, Carbs 30g and Protein 28g.




Mmmm ‘Meatballs’ in spicy sauce

One bag frozen Quorn Italian style balls
1 bottle Sainsburys Tomato and Chilli sauce
1 good handful frozen (or fresh) peppers
Any other veg you fancy throwing in – small bit of sweetcorn or chopped up courgette was good.
Add additional chilli flakes to taste, if you want it spicy.

Serves 2-3 depending on how hungry.  10 mins cooking time, less than 5 mins prep time.
1 or 2 of your 5 a day.

Put all in saucepan together, lid on, mid heat.  Stir regularly.  Aprrox 10 mins and its done.
Have half, take half for lunch the next day.

Especially nice with a salad, grated cheese and some avocado.