Quorn ‘Chicken’ Fillets in a Blue Cheese sauce

This ones a corker, I just noshed it down in about 30 seconds flat and then realised I hadn’t done the ol’ photograph, d’oh!!!  Serves 2 and take around 15 mins, enjoy xxx

Bag 6 Quorn Fillets (45 cals each)
80g blue cheese (I used Morrisons savers range and it was actually very nice, and vegetarian friendly)
250 Alpro Single cream (or just single cream)
80-100g Frozen sweetcorn ( or tinned, whatever!)
One small/medium onion
15g Rapeseed Oil
200g Broccoli florets 
Black pepper

OK, this is a really quick and easy make.  Here goes…

Boil the kettle.  

Get out your saucepan, ideally a heavy based one but any will do.  Put in the oil and gentle start to warm.

Dice your onion so its chopped up fairly fine and add to the pan, stir to coat the onions with oil and pop on the lid.

Defrost the Quorn fillets and chop diagonally into strips, add to onions.  Stir and cover.

Leave that cooking away for around 5 mins, stirring occasionally.  Next, pop the sweetcorn in a microwaveable container add a splash of boiling water, cover and microwave for a few minutes so that its thoroughly steamed through.  Do the same with the broccoli florets and just check they are both tender.  Of course, use a steamer if you have one (and can be bothered!).  Drain off any excess water.

Now its a case of bunging everything together – so add the cream, crumble in the cheese.  Add the veg and stir the whole lot together and season well with the pepper.  You probably wont need salt due to the cheese but see how it goes for you.

And, that’s it.  Super quick.  Super easy.  Supremely tasty – enjoy!

The nutritional value per serving is around 724 cals, 20g carbs, 48g fat, 15g protein 


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