No chopping, just pop-in ‘Steak’ Bake

This is my super lazy, no maintenance dish for days when I need to get home and burn off some stress with a little exercise, pre-eating.  So simple, you just put everything in an oven dish and cover with foil, let it cook whilst you feel the burn.  Or put the kids to bed.  Or put your feet up!!!  This makes enough for two and is delish topped off with a good handful of strong cheddar.
Quorn steak style strips (300g bag, frozen)
1x Bisto Stock Pot, Vegetable
200ml boiling water
60g Sainsburys Italian Chilli and Tomato paste
100g fine green beans
100g pepper (any colour)
100g Courgette
Lots of seasoning to your taste
Pop the oven on, around 190 degrees.  Boil the kettle!
Defrost the Quorn in your microwave for a few minutes.
Put the stockpot and tomato paste in a jug and add the boiling water, whisk and dissolve.  Add seasoning to your taste.
Put the Quorn and all the veg (raw is fine and you can use frozen veg if you like) in an oven proof dish big enough to contain it all, but not massive.  Pour over the sauce and cover with tin foil.
Chuck it in the oven and let the whole lot steam and infuse – takes 20 minutes.
Serve in a bowl and eat with a spoon, its got tasty gravy!
Oh and you could make this gravy and have it spooned over some Quorn Peppered Steaks for Sunday roast!

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