Very Comforting Carbonara (Low Carb Veggie style)

Yeah I know, it shouldn’t work.  But it does.

Quorn Bacon style rashers – 1 pack (or lean ham if you aint a veggie)
Rapeseed oil (or similar)
1 Freerange egg
30g grated Sainsburys Basics Italian Hard Cheese (a good veggie version of parmesan)
100g half fat Crème fraîche
Pinch of Nutmeg and a little chopped parsley (if you have it.  I had neither and used All Spice and dried Italian herbs instead and it was still very tasty).
A large courgette (or more smaller ones!)
Salt and black pepper.

Serves 2 and takes LESS than 15 mins start to finish.  A brilliant mid-week supper and perfect if you need COMFORT.

Defrost (hello microwave) and dice the fake-bacon,  Heat frying pan and oil, chuck in the facon, as we like to call it.  Stir and keep cooking till lightly browned and a tiny bit crispy, takes about 8 mins so in the mean-time….

Use a mandolin if you have one – to chop the courgette into ribbons, à la pappardelle pasta.  I don’t have one and used a sharp knife instead (its on my Christmas list now!) and it took about 3 minutes.  Put courgette in microwave happy container, add a good dash of water, cover and nuke for 3 mins, until tender.

Give the facon a stir.

Next into a bowl, break in the egg, grate in the cheese, add the Crème fraîche, add your spices and seasoning (plenty of that) and mix up together until very well combined.

Last bit.  Take the facon off the heat.  Drain the courgettes and bung in the pan (no matter if a little water goes in to the pan but keep it to a little spoonful, not a lot more).  Finally – add in the sauce and quickly stir through.  Use a couple of forks to lift the whole lot together if you want to look fancy!  Serve right away, with a little extra cheese shaved on top, if you wish.

If you don’t fancy courgette, this dish works well with cabbage cut into strips as an alternative and is tasty with a few toasted pinenuts scattered over the top.  Enjoy!

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