March 16th 2013 – The Fattest Day Ever.

This is the day I realised I weighed more than I ever had before and its also the day I (finally) decided to do something about it.  

Over the years I’ve tried every club going – Weight Watchers groups and online, same with Slimming World, Rosemary Connelly and Sainsburysdiets.com and I lost weight with them all but found it hard to feel satisfied, motivated and perhaps most importantly – really easy to just do.  I’d always loose around 10lbs, get bored and eventually stop going.  Then, the weight would go back on and more besides.

On March 16th 2013, I swore that by my 39th Birthday (June) I’d be thinner and feel better.  Sadly, I didnt really have a plan and on my 39th I felt as fat as I’d ever been and just ‘not-me’.  I was also pretty disappointed.

So I decided that instead of joining (yet another) club – I would read and teach myself about what my body really needs to function.  As an office worker with occasional exercise in the week, what does my body really need to function well?  The first answer was that my body needed to carry a lot less fat.  I also learned that I do need carbs, I just don’t need loads of them.  Carbs release energy into your body really quickly so are excellent if you are about to run, or have some major physical activity.  If you are about to sit on your arse and work on a computer for the next 4 hours, they are a bit of a shabby friend.  Your body can only use some of that energy and converts the rest to (very unhealthy around your middle) fat and saves it up for later.

I learned that what my body does need – is the chance to burn off the fat stored and get healthy in the process.  Intro lots and lots of green veggies in every meal and generally speaking a 50:50 visual split been your veggies and your protein.  Its not carb free, just carb reduction.

There are three steps:

1) Educate yourself properly on low-carb veggie foods.
  It doesn’t take long.
The Internet is a never ending resource, some of the best info I found came from these sites: 
This blokes site is FAB for science stuff but if you just want a food list – scroll to the bottom of this link http://www.nomeatathlete.com/vegetarian-protein/

2) Become a member of http://www.myfitnesspal.com and track what you eat.  Every single thing that you eat.
This is the only calorie counter I found that tracks everything including protein, sodium, carbs etc. so its super useful an …. its FREE.  Even better than that, make a few friends and you have a ready-made support network – for good days and bad.  I’ve found on average, if you ask a question you get an answer back within the hour or less.  Its a truly fantastic support network and the Before and After stories on there will not fail to inspire, humble and motivate.

3) Stop eating sugar.  Stop eating refined sugar in the form of processed stuff with high carb counts.  Take responsibility for knowing what sugar looks like.  Your body does not need this much sugar.  This is why your body takes it and stores it as fat.  Read this, yes its targeted at Diabetes but the principles are the same for us all. http://diabeteshealth.com/read/2007/04/24/5143/

There are pretty much NO plans out in the market atm that support this eating choice and yet I find I’m eating really well!  I’m having tasty filling food that has actually made my skin clearer and I have consistently lost an average lots of 3-4lbs every single week (including to sessions of TOM and that’s really saying something!).

I’m focusing on lots fresh colorful veg and plenty of protein.  I do limit the fruit and have ditched all refined sugars – pasta, bread, rice etc.  Having previously VERY much enjoyed my carbs, the first week was hard I wont lie.  But since then its actually been much easier!

Because I have a TERRIBLE memory, I often forget food I’ve had and really enjoyed so this blog is a diary to self of all the good stuff to be enjoyed!  I like tasty big flavours, robust hearty food that satisfies, fits in with the (meat-eating) husband and (fussy) kids and most importantly – 20 minutes is the maximum time I like to commit to cooking.  I’m hungry, damn it!

Some benefits so far, which I have noticed:

36lbs weight loss, 27 in 3 months.
Look in the mirror and notice a waist!
Clothes look MUCH better on
Feel better
IBS has massively decreased
Skin is so much clearer

http://www.modelmydiet.com is a good tool, because you want to be the thin one!

The end.


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